Some of the signs pictured were only serviced and restored by our crew, click on each picture to read a brief description of our work. An extended and regularly updated gallery of old and recent projects can be found at the bottom of this page.

Neon diagnosis, repair and maintenance.
Custom Neon Sign, Dimensional ACM Printed and Routed Building Sign
Front and Back Lit Channel Letters
Channel Letters, Awnings, Neon Additions
Dimensional Stud Mount Letters
Lighted Double Sided Pylon Sign
Back-Lit Letters with Front Lit Logo
Pylon Sign with Integrated EMC and Back-Lit Channel Letters
Monument Sign with Back-Lit Letters and Plaque
Formed Plastic Stud Mount Letters
Neon, Printed Back, Custom Enclosure
Monument Sign, Stone Base, Routed Face
Bronze Plaques Installed on Brick
Printed ACM Installed on Corrugated Metal
Pylon Sign with Animated Neon
Back-Lit Letters with Front Lit Logo
Custom Pylon with Chaser Bulbs and Double-Sided Cabinet
Front-Lit Channel Letters with Backer
Multi-Face Pylon Sign Lit with Skeletal Neon
Front-Lit Channel Logo Installed with Sign Package
Dimensional Cut and Fabricated Printed Letters with Aluminum Awnings
Neon Repair, Maintenance and Service
Routed ACM Letters with Printed Logo Installed on Corrugated Metal
Back-Lit Channel Letters with Back-Lit Capsule Installed
Retro Non-Lit Blade Sign
Front-Lit Channel Letters
Retro Blade Sign with Open Face Channel Neon Letters
Monument Sign with Integrated EMC
Cast Aluminum Monument
Routed ACM, Aluminum Awning, Window and Door Graphics